Affordable Pokemon TCG Labeled Custom Booster (Re)Packs

Affordable Pokemon TCG Labeled Custom Booster (Re)Packs

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Instead of buying $6-7 at the shops, buy them cheaper here!


Just being transparent on how this works. I buy heaps of packs at my expense. I end up with thousands of brand new cards I don’t need. So I figure I can repack these to let kids experience the joy of the dopamine hit of opening a pack. Here’s what you get -

(please read this carefully before buying. Clarify anything before deciding. I have nothing to hide here)

  • Guaranteed 1 normal rare, holo rare or reverse holo rare (just like a the sealed pack)
    • after every 5 packs, the 6th pack - I’ll add ONE ultra rare EX/GX/V (see picture for examples of some of the ones I'll add)
    • after every 35 packs, the 36th pack - I'll add ONE Full Art, Hyper Rare or Secret Rare.
    • When you buy, I take the packs randomly... you have approximately 1/5 chance to get an ultra rare.
  • Guaranteed 1 reverse holo uncommon/common card
  • 10 cards in all
    • They can come from any set.

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