BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! This Holiday, Sumner Gym's Running the famed Turn-Pro Pokemon TCG Boot Camp


$69.00 – $149.00 per person



About this experience

The highly requested boot camp is BACK!!!

Please read description carefully before purchasing!

PRICE IS FOR BOTH DAYS. Please commit to come everyday with your child to gain maximum benefit.

The time has come for you to turn PRO! In this 2-day fun-filled intensive boot camp you will:

  • Practice down the basics of the game until you can do it in your sleep.

  • Learn to put together a tournament-ready power deck that will pack a real punch!

  • Learn the different types of tournaments and the rules to get you ready for World Championship!

  • Enter in your first Standard Tournament event and win prizes!

  • Get a chance to challenge 1 of the 4 Elite Trainers at our Gym. Who knows, you might just beat him with your newly formed power deck!

Who is it for?

The current boot camp is designed for children between the age of 8 to 17 ... AND their parents or guardian. A core requirement for this boot camp is to come as a team! At Brokenvase Games, we believe in connecting people. Not just between players, professors, and judges, but family as well! It is time to put down those mobile devices, look at each other, and play some Pokemon Cards!

*Requirement: You MUST come with at least 1 adult who will engage with you together as a team through the Boot Camp. The SAME adult. The same team must work together through the Boot Camp for this to work. If you can't form a family team, your ticket will be refunded and seats made available again.

What should you bring?

Your favourite pokemon cards! We may not use them, but it is still cool to have a look at them. Folios, folders, tins, or boxes to hold cards. Deck boxes and/or sleeves for cards (optional - you can buy them in store if you don't have them) Your adult parent(s) or guardian that will form your support team member(s)

That's it! Availability is highly limited because we want to be able to focus on your training as the next champion!

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