New Set Gym Challenge Entry Ticket

New Set Gym Challenge Entry Ticket

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You are purchasing a limited entry ticket to our New Set Gym Challenge!

This is strictly limited to 1 ticket per customer only. Any multiple purchases will be canceled and refunded.

Entry Conditions and Description:

  • Each ticket entitles you to 10 Challenge Token
  • Challenge Token can be used to challenge any of our Gym Trainers, Elite Trainers, or Gym Leader to a best of 3 Standard tournament Battle.
  • Challenge Tokens for each challenge will be deducted as used as follows:
    • 1 Challenge Token for each Gym Trainer Challenge
    • 2 Challenge Token for each Elite Trainer Challenge
    • 4 Challenge Token for each Gym Leader Challenge
  • Gym Challenge's difficulty level will be set according to your tournament level standing (Beginners, Intermediate, or Pro Level).
  • Each Gym Challenge Battle is limited to 40 mins.
  • You earn points for each challenge as follows:
    • 1 point for a loss to a Gym Trainer 
    • 2 points for a tie to a Gym Trainer 
    • 3 points for a win to a Gym Trainer
    • 2 point for a loss to an Elite Trainer
    • 4 points for a tie to an Elite Trainer
    • 6 points for a win to an Elite Trainer
    • 4 point for a loss to the Gym Leader
    • 8 points for a tie to the Gym Leader
    • 12 points for a win to the Gym Leader
  • On the set release day we will total up all the points of all players on the leader board and the top 3 players will win the prizes advertised.


Current Prize Pool to be won:

  1. First place will win - 1 Booster Box & 1 Elite Trainer Box
  2. Second Place will win - 18 booster packs @ 1 Elite Trainer Box
  3. Third Place will win - 18 Booster Packs

Entry Terms:

  • Brokenvase Games Judges' ruling on the game is final
  • All Tickets are non-refundable
  • Brokenvase Games reserves the right cancel the event and refund your entry fee at any time for any reason
  • All Gym Challenge must be conducted in a Brokenvase Games Gym and attended by a Judge

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