Pokemon Cards Build & Battle Blitz Tournament

Sometimes called a "Draft" event, Build and Battle is a fun format for everyone!


$49.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

This event will be run like any Play! Pokemon pre-release event. This format lets players construct and compete with a 40-card deck with four Prize cards set aside at the start of play. It's a great way to get in some quick games with family or friends and develop deck building strategies. Each player will be provided with a Build & Battle Kit Box that includes a 23-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from the chosen sets. Each kit will also include one of four unique foil promo cards of the set. You also get four Pokemon TCG booster packs and a deck-building tip sheet in the kit.

For the entry fee you will get:

1) Build and Battle Kit containing ONE of the Promo Pokemon and it's code cards for the set

2) 1 Additional Booster Pack on top of the Kit itself

3) Prizes for top 3 as per our tournament prize policy

*Entry and Ticket Terms: - Tickets are non-refundable - Tickets must be paid in full prior to entry - If you can't make it after pre-purchase, we will hold your packs and kit for pick up up to 7 days.

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