Pokemon TCG Championships Training Tournament

A Tournament for Champions! Win a booster box while you're at it!


$25.00 – $59.00 per person


3h  –  8h

About this experience

Tournament Brief

It has been said that, we in Australia (even in Brisbane), have very little "serious" tournaments regularly to hone our skills. It has been said that, we in Australia, have been neglected because we're so far away from the "action". Well, not any more! We make our own action! We create opportunities to hone our skills OURSELVES! This is what this tournament is all about. It's simple purpose - Train for Championships!

Current Goal

Help those going to the World Championship in London in August

How it works

Periodically, BVG will run these for our own sponsored players who are in the BVG Legends Program to hone their skills. However, we invite anyone who wants to do the same to come. Who knows, talents may be scouted, new legends can be born...

Cost: $25 per entry

Time/Date: Played over 2 days depending on player numbers. Second day is a top cut round. 

Requirements: Standard Format only. We will run when there are 12 players signed up. If the numbers are under at the time of the tournament, we will adjust to prize pool or the tickets will be refunded if too low. Pre-ordering is essential to confirm the event. If you need to pay at the event, select COD at check out.


  • 1st Place - Booster Box (of current or future set)

  • 2nd Place - 12 Booster Packs (of current or future set) 

  • 3rd Place - 6 Booster Packs (of current or future set)

  • 4th - 6th Place - $20 Store Credit

  • 7th Place onwards - 2 Booster Packs (of current or future set)

*DROP AND GO - there is now an option to drop your child with us and pick them up when they are done. Please select the correct entry for this to happen.


Your Host

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Brokenvase Games is a registered Pokemon TCG League site and innovators in play-based learning for community engagements.