Masters Tournament

Sumner Gym's Weekly Elite/Masters Trainers' Tournament Challenge


$12.00 per person



About this experience

This is our regular Elite-Level Trainers' Weekly Tournament Challenge.

Please note that as of January 4, 2023, ALL PLAYERS will need to have a Player ID in order to participate. You can be assigned one on or one can be issued to you in store. If you do require an ID, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time so that this can be organized as quickly as possible for you.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (05/12/2022): In order to ensure the smooth and on-time running of events, registration for all tournaments will close 5 minutes before the advertised starting time. Players arriving after this time may be unable to participate. Please ensure you are here by this time in order to avoid disappointment.

If a player is more than 5 minutes late for their match in any round, that player or players will be issued a game loss. If a player is more than 10 minutes late for their match in any round, they will be issued a round loss.

If you are running late, please message us on Facebook or send an email to so that we can try and make any accommodations we can.

Requirements (either 1 of the below):

  1. You have progressed from our Intermediate Trainer level to this level.

  2. You have played more than 5 times in other Play! Pokemon League Sites

  3. You have attended one of our FREE Learn-to-play sessions and a Gym Trainer has approved you for this level

Promotion and Progression:

  • There is no more progression! You can try to take up our Gym Champion Challenge next. Ask our friendly staff how.


*Note : If you have advanced to Pro-Level, you are allowed to play in the Beginner-Level Tournament if approved by BVG's trainers (subject to terms and conditions).


Terms & Conditions :

  1. For each tournament, there will be an audit of a random deck by the trainer.

  2. For players who have advanced to Intermediate or Pro Level, you are allowed to participate in the Beginner-Level tournaments. Regardless of your tournament position, you will be awarded 1 booster pack for each entry ONLY.

  3. For players who have advanced to Intermediate or Pro Level and choose to participate in a Beginner-Level tournament, the tournament position will not be taken consideration for any special challenges, such as Gyms IRL.

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