PRO Trainers' Tournament Challenge

Sumner Gym's Weekly PRO/Masters Trainers' Tournament Challenge


$10.00 – $18.00 per person



About this experience

This is our regular PRO-level Trainers' Weekly Tournament Challenge.Â


Requirements (either 1 of the below):

  1. You have progressed from our Intermediate Trainer level to this level.

  2. You have played more than 5 times in other Play! Pokemon League Sites

  3. You have attended one of our FREE Learn-to-play sessions and a Gym Trainer has approved you for this level

Promotion and Progression:

  • There is no more progression! You can try to take up our Gym Champion Challenge next. Ask our friendly staff how.


*Note : If you have advanced to Pro-Level, you are allowed to play in the Beginner-Level Tournament if approved by BVG's trainers (subject to terms and conditions).


Terms & Conditions :Â

  1. For each tournament, there will be an audit of a random deck by the trainer.Â

  2. For players who have advanced to Intermediate or Pro Level, you are allowed to participate in the Beginner-Level tournaments. Regardless of your tournament position, you will be awarded 1 booster pack for each entry ONLY. Â

  3. For players who have advanced to Intermediate or Pro Level and choose to participate in a Beginner-Level tournament, the tournament position will not be taken consideration for any special challenges, eg. New Set Gym Challenge.Â

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