Professor’s Live Booster Pack Breaks on Facebook!

By popular demand, we have made this now a fortnightly dinner table affair...


$45.00 per person


2h 30min

About this experience

Sorry we had to increase the price of these to make it sustainable. Hope you can still get value out of it and enjoy the experience!

Sets Scheduled

  • 28th June - Astral Radiance

  • 13th July - Pokemon Go! (1 case of ETBs = 100 booster packs)



How is the game played?

  1. Each entry ticket entitles you to a numbered spot from 1 to 18

  2. We will open all allocated booster packs LIVE on our FB Page

  3. Every numbered spot will have a turn for us to open packs until an Ultra Rare card (V, VMax, etc) and above is found. You get to keep that card

  4. Each card is assigned a value. Whatever card is drawn for you, the value of that card is added to your score. The lower your score at the end of the break, the greater the change of gaining bonus cards from the bonus spots.

  5. The turn then goes to the next spot down the line.

  6. We keep going round and round until all packs are opened.

  7. We keep everything else, you keep all the ultra rares we opened for you on your spot.

  8. We either post it to you or you can come pick them up from the next business day.

  9. [Optional Bonus] In each game, Professor Merv might appoint a Bonus Spot. The cards accumulated on these spot will go to a lucky winner. This is decided by the person running the live break at the time and at the end of the game.

*Even if you do not tune in to the live break, your spot is secured and the cards on the spot are still yours.

Your Host

Host image

Professor Merv is the founder and owner of Brokenvase Games