Hello World! - Why I started Brokenvase Trades

Hello World! - Why I started Brokenvase Trades

Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). I had a real connection to TCGs when I first started with Magic the Gathering (MTG) in my late teens. I never really gotten into Pokemon TCG until only a year ago!

So...Why did I get decide to get into it? Why now? Why even get into the retail side at all? "I see one start-up every week!" - was the comment I got when I first thought of doing this.

Well, it all started when my son asked to buy a booster pack. Why? Because my daughter found him an Omastar card in the toilet! Of all places! Here are the 5 reasons I decided to start playing with my son - in order of importance (allegedly):

  1. It can encourage my son to read. He was a lazy reader.
  2. It can encourage him to do math and think strategy.
  3. It can encourage him to be more sociable.
  4. It can teach him resilience and sportsmanship.
  5. I get to indulge in some geek time and hang out with my son to bond with him.

8 months in, we entered the Brisbane Regionals last year and I went to Melbourne for the big event tournament.

Why did I start Brokenvase? Well, I have suspected ADHD. Which means I just can't sit still. It is also, honestly, my way to fund and fuel this hobby of mine. Yes it's now turned into more of my hobby than my son's. I do hope that eventually he'll grow to get into it more than I did (he's 8). Plus, I have a budding 5 year old too!

So if you have a kid keen on collecting the cards, I reckon this is a good way to encourage him into a bit of social, non-screen-time, and brain-based fun! Do get in contact with me to learn more or check out some of my custom starter kits here. Always happy to help!

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