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Are you or your child ready for an adventure as a Pokemon Trainer? Do you own Pokemon Cards and wonder what you should do with them? Do you have Pokemon Cards you still need to complete a set? Do you have the best Pokemon TCG deck and decklist but no one to battle with? You've come to the right place! And I'm so glad you found us. Ready to start...

Opening Hours:

Wednesday 12:30–9:30pm
Thursday 12:30–9:30pm
Friday 12:30–9:30pm
Saturday 9am–6pm
Sunday 1–6pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed

Come learn how to play, have a friendly battle or battle us in a tournament

Come join us on the weekends!
  • Learn how to play - one of our friendly Pokemon Trainers will be more than happy to teach you how to battle with your Pokemon Cards.
  • Casual Play - Got a deck? Just formed a strong deck? Bring it along and test it out with other trainers!
  • Battle Tournaments - Think you've got what it takes to be a top Pokemon trainer? Pit your strongest deck against other trainers in a Pokemon Battle Tournament!

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One-Stop Shop for All Things Pokemon Cards

We hunt Pokemon cards for you!We're kinda like Team Rocket! And you get to be Giovanni!

We provide all things Pokemon Trading Card Game!

  • Buy official and genuine Pokemon TCG sealed products from us
  • Buy any card you need or want to complete your collection from us
  • Can't find it here? Send us a message and tell us what you're after and we'll hunt it down for you!


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