NOW RUNNING IN APRIL! Play! Pokemon TEAM Challenge!

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NOW RUNNING IN APRIL! Play! Pokemon TEAM Challenge!

Every Thursday night at 6:30pm this month of April, our top Pro-Masters players will be duking it out at the store with their tablets and laptops online with the Play! TCG Online app in a TEAM Challenge Tournament!

We will run 4 rounds of Qualifiers. One every Thursday night at 6:30pm at the store. Coming to the store is actually optional. You can be sitting in the comfort of your own home to participate in your pajamas. We don't care. Actually, we're not that interested in what you're wearing...

The winner of each of these 4 Qualifiers will represent Sumner Gym (League) against other top 4 players AROUND THE WORLD!!!

Are you keen to participate? Got what it takes?? By signing up, you will get:

  • FREE PTCGO Codes to help you tune your winning online deck
  • At least 1 FREE physical Booster Pack for participating
  • More Booster Packs for top cut
  • If you win the Qualifier, you get a special Challenge Play Mat

Here's how to join:

Step 1 - You need ensure you're free on one of ALL of these nights from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Lock it in your diaries.

Step 2 - Sign up for the Challenge BEFORE it happens that week.

>> You will need...

  • PTCGO User ID (You can create one when you download the free app)
  • Play! Pokemon ID (We can create one for you)
  • Discord User ID
  • Gmail Account to sign up

>> Armed with the above info, register for the Team Challenge here:

  • Qualifier 1 (8th Apr)  CLOSED
  • Qualifier 2 (17th Apr) CLOSED
  • Qualifier 3 (24th Apr) CLOSED
  • Qualifier 4 (1st May) REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN! [Sign up here]

Step 3 (Optional) - Book a Free Ticket with us through our events page, just so we know you're coming here.

Step 4 - Tune your deck, practice and make sure you turn up early! Physically or virtually. 

p.s. Also please use the platform to submit your decklist before the tournament

p.p.s. You can come in-store anytime we are open to ask one of out on-duty trainers to help you with any of the above. Even to test play/coach you!

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