Satisfied customers... This is why this job is rewarding!

Satisfied customers... This is why this job is rewarding!

Meet Nat Tan, he is the recent recipient of a new Tier 2 level Standard Rotation ready competition deck that features Snorlax Vmax from Pokemon TCG's Sword and Shield Base set.

I admit, Nat has been the son of a family friend for a long time. But we are still super happy with the journey Nat and his mum had been with us so far. My son Keon and Nat had always played Pokemon cards whenever they meet. Nat was allowed to participate it quite a number of tournaments we run and Keon had always lent him some of the decks we have to play in the tournament. 

The boys play testing his new Snorlax Vmax deck
The boys play testing his new Snorlax Vmax deck

Our Pokemon TCG Judge and coach was able to "talent scout" Nat and we gave his mum some feedback about how Nat could really be a good competitive player if he practices and have his own deck. After collecting random cards, and forming his own decks from what he has, Nat was also pretty good and understanding card combos and what would work and wouldn't work.

A couple of weeks ago, his mum approached us to quote for forming an affordable competition ready deck centered around Snorlax Vmax because that was his favourite Pokemon that he owned. We gladly obliged!

"Thank you so much! Nat loves to play Pokemon cards so much, we felt that this was a good investment in something he loves." - Dawn Tan, Nat's Mum

Pokemon Cards are more than just for collecting and trading...

Nat started out collecting the cards because his uncle gave him some. When he met Keon, he realised that it's an actual game! He started forming his own 60 card decks and trying to get his brother to play with him. Unfortunately, his brother was not as interested as he was. Fortunately, he had Pokemon Play to go to where other players were there to battle with him.

It's a game that tested his strategic skills, reading, mental mathematics, and also taught him sportsmanship. He had to learn patience to wait to play the game on the weekends its own. He also had to build resilience when he got disappointed when it was time to go.

We are so excited that he is on his way towards "turning pro" in the Juniors Division!

Nat's Snorlax Deck List

**** Snorlax Vmax Decklist ****

##Pokemon - 18

4 Volcanion
3 Snorlax V
3 Snorlax Vmax
2 Dedenne GX
2 Crobat V
1 Dubwool V
2 Eldegoss V
1 Phione

##Trainer Cards - 30

4 Quick Ball
4 Welder
3 Boss's Order
3 Giant Hearth
3 Vitality Band
4 Pokegear 3.0
4 Pokemon Communication
1 Great Catcher
1 Fire Crystal
3 Switch

##Energy - 12

11 Fire Energy
1 Capture Energy

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